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Motivations and possible decisive factors in employee participat ion in corporate volunteering programmes

Pablo Gómez, José Luis Fernández Fernández


The purpose of this study is to examine the motivations andoverarching criteria behind employee participation in corporate volunteering.This participation is extremely limited. It seems appropriate toenhance it, both due to the internal benefits entailed for the companyitself, and the external impact it exhibits. With that being said, we stumbleupon several problems set out in literature that are confirmed throughour research. Ignorance of the precise causes and true decisive factors thatguide employee participation in corporate volunteering programmesprevents the development of suitable strategies that help boost the percentagesof employee participation.

We have conducted an empirical and qualitative study with the aimof being able to construct a model to gain greater knowledge of this phenomenonand to grasp the social significance of this problem. Participantobservation was applied as an ethnographic method for data collection.Thus, we have accompanied and interacted with the employees under study. This approach represents a less intrusive method to avoid selfservingand politically-correct responses that do not reflect employees’true stimuli.

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