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Happiness at work, Business behav iour, And worker Perceptions: a case Study

José Luis Fernández Fernández, Manuel Angel Fernandez Gamez, Nuria de Querol Aragón, Angela Callejón Gil


Abstract: The objective of this study was to identify business behaviours that can create greater worker satisfaction in the performance of their professional activity, and to study their consequent impact on personal happiness. It also attempts to understand employees’ perceptions of their work environment and the influence they have on job satisfaction.
Therefore, we applied a mixed research method (Yin, 2013; Crewell, 2013), which combines a theoretical study based on the Sennet (1998) model and a quantitative analysis. We reviewed the theoretical arguments and conducted a survey of 83 workers belonging to an American multinational company in 2013. The company is a leading consulting, branding, and marketing enterprise and has implemented pioneering business
strategies in Spain. The study identified the actions that should be avoided or enhanced to create organizational models that inspire and promote happiness at work. Without prejudice to the recognition of codes of practice regarding ethics that aspire to justice, the study identified such actions from the understanding that the search for happiness is precisely the objective that most immediately guides the actions of human subjects as moral agents.

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