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Objectius i temàtica

El Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics és una revista de caire acadèmic vinculada a la investigació de l'ètica aplicada


Política de seccions


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Activat Trameses obertes Activat Indexats Activat Revisats per persones expertes

Comitè científic

  • Norbert Bilbeny, Head of Ethics Department at University of Barcelona
  • David Bowie, Professor of International Hotel & Tourism Management at Oxford Brookes University
  • Victòria Camps, Head of Ethics Department at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Member of Spanish Advisory Committee on Bioethics.
  • Adela Cortina, Professor of Moral Philosophy at University of Valencia and Member of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Science of Spain
  • Michel Dupuis, Professor of Bioethics at Catholic University of Leuven and Member of Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics.
  • Josep Maria Lozano, Senior Investigator of Institute for Social Innovation, ESADE (Ramon Llull University) and Co-founder of Ética, Economía y Dirección (the Spanish branch of the European Business Ethics Network).
  • Domènec Melé, Chair and Professor of Business Ethics, IESE Business School, University of Navarra
  • Michael Schwartz, Associate Professor of Business Ethics and President of the Australian Association for Professional & Applied Ethics School of Economics, Finance & Marketing Royal at Melbourne, Institute of Technology.
  • Christoph Stueckelberger, Founding Director of, Geneva/Switzerland and Professor of Ethics at the University of Basel/Switzerland
  • Montserrat Esquerda, Director of Institut Borja de Bioètica, Ramon Llull University
  • Rosamund Thomas, Director of Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics from Cambridge


Normes de Publicació

All papers submitted to the Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics are peer-reviewed and feedback is given to the author within four months from the submission date.

Submit a paper

Please submit full papers along with an abstract about 300 words by e-mail to Include a cover page listing the name, title and affiliation of the author(s), as well as complete contact information (full address, telephone, and e-mail). Suggested length: as a general rule, articles should not exceed 10,000 words. We recommend using Times New Roman 12 point font and a line spacing of 1.5 lines. You can use the style guidelines employed by the journal Ethics (University of Chicago Press) as a reference.


All papers must be in English.


University Ramon Llull, Barcelona
Càtedra Ethos and Institut Borja de Bioètica


Equip Editorial

  • Director: Francesc Torralba, director de la Càtedra Ethos-URL i professor catedràtic de la Universitat Ramon Llull


  • Editora en cap: Mar Rosàs Tosas, investigadora i professora de la Universitat Ramon Llull: