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E-learning and entrepreneurship: boosting spin-offs’ success through a process of acceleration

Mònica Cerdán-Chiscano, Ana Isabel Jiménez-Zarco


A new agent has recently emerged within the context of university-based entrepreneurship; that of business accelerators. The main aim of these is to support the growth of spin-offs and raise rates of return for universities on their transfer agreements. This new agent has become consolidated because of the traditional incubators’ inability to deal with the diversity of their firms or network with innovative agents of the system. Some of the most frequently used instruments to improve the growth capacity of spin-offs are training pathways for the entrepreneurial team delivered via e-learning. By analysing an experience of business management training (management and commerce), mentoring and financial assistance for innovation via e-learning at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Research Park, this article shows that there has been a 14% increase in the annual turnover of the spin-offs’ concerned. Despite these good results, the nature and context of the research (case study) suggests the need to carry on researching into the effects of business growth pathways based on e-learning.

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