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Teacher perceptions of the time factor in One Laptop per Child

Montse Guitert, Azucena Vázquez


In this paper we analyze teacher perceptions of the time factor in One Laptop per Child. In the first part of this paper we present the state of the art of the incorporation of ICT in schools of Spain following the One Laptop Per Child program (the State plan known as Escuela 2.0).

Secondly, we present the qualitative methodology that we use for the study. We will obtain the data by analyzing the questionnaire, with open questions, from teachers participating in the project in Catalonia, in TICSE1 2.0 framework.

Finally, we present the results and the teachers’ conclusions about the time factor in the implementation of these programs. In general, the perception that teachers have about using technology is that it requires a lot of time. In their opinion, they need too much time to learn to use ICT and technical aspects of them mean wasted time.

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