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Adopting the role of online teacher as a researcher and model builder of learners’ needs to approach time as a context-dependent factor within networking settings

Maria Kordaki


This study adopts a context-based approach to the issue of time within networking learning settings. To approach time as a context-dependent factor, the role of online teacher as a researcher and model builder of learners‘ needs is suggested. Specifically, an online network of mathematics teachers has been formed  in the context of an online course aiming to prepare these teachers to introduce the use of educational software in their teaching practices. To form this network, the ‘constructivist teaching experiment' methodology (Cobb, Wood, & Yakel, 1990) was used. A specific curriculum was designed for the participants in this e-learning network. During this experiment, the course was adapted to take into account the specific learning needs of the aforementioned teachers, who were mainly investigated through synchronous communication via informal conversation. The data collected provided evidence that time is perceived by learners as a context-dependent factor. The results also suggest that, using the aforementioned methodology to formulate an e-learning network, learners needs can be better acknowledged  to succesfully meet the aims of the course within the time limits scheduled for the whole procedure.

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