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Caracterización de la familia Betulaceae S. F. Gray (Magnoliophyta), en el Vallesiense (Neógeno) de la Cerdanya (Lleida, España)

E. Barrón


Fossil remains assigned to the family Betulaceae have been collected in the Vallesian (Neogene) outcrops from the Cerdanya region (Lleida province, Spain). Six species have been identified and described, Alnus occidentalis Rérolle, Betula insignis Gaudin, Carpinus grandis Unger emend. Heer, Carpinus neilreichii Kováts, Corylus sp. and Ostrya sp. on the basis of leaf remains, fruits, bracts and inflorescences. Moreover, the species Alnus sp., Betula sp., Carpinus sp. and Corylus sp. have also been described through some palinomorphs.

Key words: Palaeobotany, Betulaceae, Systematic study, Vallesian, Neogene, Cerdanya, Lleida, Spain.

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