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La macroflora oligocena de la cuenca de Cervera, Lérida, España (Colección del Museu Comarcal de Cervera)

A. Sanz de Siria Catalán


This paper is the follow-up of another study of the Oligocene macroflora from Cervera (Ebro Basin, Spain), started with the 'Madern Collection' from the Museu de Geologia de Barcelona (Sanz de Siria, 1992). The present paper analyses 226 specimen from the Museu Comarcal de Cervera. 29 species, not mentioned before, are included and 3 new species of the tertiary flora are established.
A likely model of the vegetation existing in the area in the low Oligocene is established by comparision with the models existing today of similar content and structure. Similar models are presently located in tropical regions between 15o and 25o latitude north. The main vegetal community that has been found correspond to the tropical deciduous forest. In upper, wetter levels, evergreen forest with laurisilva communities appear. The climate in the low Oligocene in the region was probably of the tropicalk kind, with a long dry period followed by a rain period. The average temperature would be around 22o-26o.

Key words: Paleobotany, Macroflora, Oligocene, Paleoecology, Ebro Basin, Cervera, Spain, Museu Comarcal de Cervera.

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