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Gliridae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the Eocene and Oligocene of the Sierra Palomera (Teruel, Spain)

M. Freudenthal


On the basis of material from the Sierra Palomera and the area of Montalbán (Teruel, Spain) the glirid genera Glamys and Gliravus are revised. This leads to a better definition of the genus Glamys, restriction of the genus Gliravus to its type-species and some closely related species, and the creation of a new genus, Schizogliravus, which reduces considerably the waste-basket function, that the genus Gliravus had until now.
Two new species are described, Glamys umbriae and Schizogliravus montisalbani, the type-species of the new genus Schizogliravus.
Within the genus Glamys at least three lineages are recognized, that are supposed to be adapted to different environmental conditions.

Key words: Gliridae, Mammalia, Eocene, Oligocene, Spain.

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