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Hallazgo de Paracoskinolina pertenuis Foury (Orbitolinidae) en el Barremiense inferior del Pirineo catalán: reflexiones sobre su posición sistemática y filogenética

R. Schroeder, A. Cherchi


A sample of Early Barremian age from the Roca de Narieda (Lleida Prov., Catalonian Pyrenees, Spain) has furnished the orbitolinid Foraminifera Paracoskinolina pertenuis Foury, 1968 and Eopalorbitolina charollaisi Schroeder & Conrad, 1968. P. pertenuis sensu Foury is a mixture of at least three species belonging to different genera. Its holotype has to be assigned to the genus Eopalorbitolina. E. pertenuis is regarded as the direct ancestor of E. charollaisi and the most primitive representative of the phylogenetical lineage Eopalorbitolina - Palorbitolina gr. lenticularis.

Key words: Foraminifers, Orbitolinidae, Catalonian Pyrenees (Spain), Alpilles (France), Barremian, Systematics, Phylogeny.

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