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Nuevas aportaciones al conocimiento estratigráfico del Paleoceno continental del Pirineo catalán (España)

J. Ullastre, A. Masriera


The study of new charophyte-bearing localities allows deepening in the chronostratigraphic knowledge of the Palaeocene continental sediments of the Àger - Meià - Peguera - Vallcebre basin (Catalan South-Pyrenean units). As a result the intra- or pre-Thanetian age of the continental bulimoid Vidaliella gerundensis (Vidal) is proved. A locality in the Pyrenean basin of Tremp (Lleida province) where this gastropod occurs is described for the first time.
Several historical and bibliographic details related with the so-called 'garumnian' materials (autorum) are given aside of the stratigraphical analysis of the continental levels forming the Cretaceous / Tertiary transition.

Key words : Catalan Pyrenees (Spain). Cretaceous / Tertiary transition. Continental Palaeocene. Charophytes. Gastropods.

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