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Gliridae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the late Miocene fissure filling Rinascita 1 (Gargano, prov. Foggia, Italy)

E. Martín Suárez, M. Freudenthal


Two new species of the endemic genus Stertomys (Mammalia, Rodentia, Gliridae) are described from the Late Miocene fissure filling Rinascita 1 on the palaeo-island Gargano (prov. Foggia, Italy): S. simplex and S. lyrifer. A third species is classified as S. aff. daamsi Freudenthal & Martín-Suárez, 2006. The fauna contains poor remains of three more species of Stertomys, and a non-endemic glirid: Dryomys apulus Freudenthal & Martín-Suárez, 2006. Two groups of species are recognized within the genus Stertomys:
1) Large species with complicated dental pattern: S. laticrestatus Daams & Freudenthal, 1985, S. daunius Freudenthal & Martín-Suárez, 2006, and S. lyrifer sp. nov.
2) Smaller species with a simpler dental pattern: S. daamsi Freudenthal & Martín-Suárez, 2006, S. simplex sp. nov., and S. aff. daamsi.

Key words: Gliridae, Miocene, Italy, endemism, insularity.

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