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Catalogue of the Late Quaternary Iberian micromammals (Rodentia, Eulipotyphla, Chiroptera) from the Museu de Geologia de Barcelona, Spain

J. M. López-García, Jordi Agustí Ballester, Glòria Cuenca Bescós


The present catalogue represents an attempt to list Middle–Upper Pleistocene and Holocene micromammal material deposited in the Museu de Geologia de Barcelona, coming from 12 Iberian Peninsula localities (ten from Catalonia, one from Castilla y León and one from Andalucia). It permits to observe changes in species geographical distribution as Iberomys cabrerae, Microtus oeconomus, Hystrix cristata or Citellus sp. with regard to their present location. By this way, we can observe the existence during the Middle–Upper Pleistocene of some today extinct species such as Pliomys lenki or Allocricetus bursae.

Key words: Middle-Upper Pleistocene, Holocene, Micromammals, Palaeobiogeography, Museo de Geologia de Barcelona, Spain.

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