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"Os habéis hecho temibles". La milicia de la ciudad de Buenos Aires y la política entre las invasiones inglesas y el fin del proceso revolucionario, 1806-1820

Gabriel Di Meglio


The militia was a fundamental actor in the disputes for power that took place in different Hispanic American cities during the period of Independence. In many cities, the militia also became a vehicle for the political participation of social groups who did not belong to the elites. This article explores that topic in Buenos Aires, since the appearance of a new militia system subsequent to the English Invasions of 1806 and 1807 until the dissolution of the so called tercios cívicos after the conflicts of 1820, reviewing in between the militia eclipse that followed the mutiny of the patricios in 1811 and the return of its power as the Cabildo’s “armed am” from 1815 on. The reasons of the existence of five different militia organizations in Buenos Aires along the first quarter of the 191h century —related to both military and political causes— are evaluated, together with the way by which that institution allowed the intervention of members of the middle and subaltern social groups in the political scene of Buenos Aires.

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