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Al otro lado del mundo. Josef Reseguín y su "generación ilustrada" en la tempestad de los Andes. 1781-1788

Juan Marchena Fernández


This work approaches the difficult situation of the Andean area during the 1780’s, and points out the contradictions and paradoxes inside the group of enlightened reformers sent to the area in order to implement the new Bourbon Reform. A group educated in the best and the most advanced Spanish academic centres, but whose intervention in the big Andean rebellion of 1780-8 1 became into a nightmare of blood and terror which proves the fragility of their enlightened program and the real sense of these reforms, a way to implement new mechanisms of colonial domination and extortion on the American World. Through the primary testimonies of these reformers we can get into the interior of this complex social and political universe; reformers who going deep further into the heart of darkness on the other side of the world, marked deeply the whole area for the future, pointing out what the Enlightenment meant beyond the European borders: terror, political and economic submission and an absolute racial discrimination.

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