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Academia y academicismos en Lima decimonónica

Ricardo Estabridis Cárdenas


The artist’s training and practice in the kingdom of Peru is initially subject to the master’s workshop, to the author’s interests and to the formation of the guilds. With the emergence of 18th century Enlightenment, Neoclassical art was born as a reaction against Baroque, and with it the attempts to create academies with Sevillian José Joaquín del Pozo and Francisco Javier Cortés from Quito. The profile drawn in this article selects the main Peruvian academic representatives of 19th century painting, from the provincial neoclassicism of José Gil de Castro to the Europeanising academicism of Ignacio Merino and the Italian academicism of Luis Montero. Of ah of them, Francisco Laso’s figure is especially highlighted for the Peruvianist emblematic in his writing and painting.

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