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Ciudades y guerra civil en la independencia de Venezuela, 1812-1823

Véronique Hébrard


This article puts forward an analysis of how the civil war of independence was received and administered in cities and towns, through the study of judicial archives from the period and correspondence of the Pacification authorities.
In this context, I consider the war as an object in itself taken as a whole to include in the analysis the events that took place on the edge of the war (of the events of war in themselves).
Through an analysis of the trials, un attempt is made to capture what was at stake, in this context of war, in the daily life of the cities and communities, for the “marginal” populations (blacks, mestizos, lndians and ordinary men and women), whose experience of and involvement in the war was rarely questioned.
Finally, my aim is to comprehend, on both un individual and a collective level (considering the cities as the subject), what happened in this plural, conflictive society when, during this moment of political transformation, armed conflict broke out, and, through the words recorded during the trials, how and why a population became participants in this civil war

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