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Investigación geográfica de turismo en Latino América, 1990-2001: énfasis en la literatura publicada en ingles

Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt


The objective of this study is to document the types and spatial foci of geographic research on tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean that have been undertaken since 1990. Methods consisted of perusing Current Geographical Publications, the fifteen top tourism journals, Dissertation Abstracts Online, the annual Guides to Pro grams in Geography in the United States and Canada, and sending out e-mail inquiries to Latin Americanists geographers who study tourism. Results, as compared to a previous benchmark study, show an increasing emphasis upon ecotourism and sustainable tourism development (i.e. planning) and a corollary de crease in descriptive and historical studies as well as impact analyses. The overall volume of research has more than doubled over the previous decade. Spatially, the Caribbean region and Mexico continue to be the primary geographic foci of tourism research, although ecotourism research has led to an increase in publications on Belize and Costa Rica. Lack of access to foreign-language journals and books has limited the completeness of the assembled database.

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