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Inmigración francesa en México: negocios y revolución en el ámbito urbano, 1876-1914

Martín Pérez Acevedo


The article covers the case study of several French residents in the chief City of the Michoacán state, in the central-western part of the country. In particular this concerns their mercantile procedures and the family connections found in the businesses that they got under way, which turned them into part of the dominant sector of the large clothes store trade, as well as their incursions into the textile industry, banking system, etc. The revolutionary process of 1910 and its repercussions on Michoacán did aot seriously disturb their development, and they were on the other hand helped through supplying the succeeding governments with goods, and consequently their property and persons were not very seriously affected, as occurred with other groups of foreigners in the country.

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