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El crédito público en la Constitución mexicana de 1857

Leonor Ludlow


The independent governement delayed for many years the public credit project. This was a pecuniary business an also had politic and administrative matters, because of the confusion between the indebtedness and the payment promises for reclamations, to this they had as plus the big amounts for not pay salaries to the employees and militaries. For all this the creditors tried as an exit the creation of the Bank to administrate the government funds, but also to try to unit, in a diplomatic way, the governments. The increasing in the new political generation of liberals made a turn in the relation between the indebtedness, establishing clear and precise judgements to determine reclamation and no payments juste and legitimate have to be accepted, and to revise and submit the business and convenes of the last General Santa Anna’s dictatorship.

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