Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Hispanización y defensa de la integridad nacional en Cuba, 1868-1898

Consuelo Naranjo Orovio


In the nineteenth century the Spanish immigration in Cuba, favoured by the white colonization policy, Was used, on one hand, as a way of control and promotion of the territory, and on the other hand, as the way to resist the black population advance.
Spanish settlers and immigrants were considered, basically from the last third part of the nineteenth century, as a bastion of the Spanish power in Cuba. lo the important moments they would act as the defenders of the Spanish integrity. Through their action the island, not only would manage to keep its unity, but it would reach its derived primacy of the white over the black. And, even more, its famous ethnic unity.
The scientific discourses where the racial categories were settled, layed out the difference between people according to their race. The object of this research is to analyse most of these colonization projects.

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