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Ministros y consejeros en la formación de la política colonial de Carlos III, 1763-1776

Allan J. Kuethe


The reign of Carlos III is famous for his ambitious colonial reforms which concerned many aspects of Spanish administration in the New World.
Despite the fact that we possess a great deal of information about the diplomatic. military and economic circumstances behind these reforms, very little is known about the people who inspired them. What Was the role of the monarchy in this reform movement? Is the origin of the new turn taken by politics to be found in the Ministry of the Indies (Ministerio de Indias) and the Council (el Consejo) or were other branches of the royal administration of the time responsible for it?
The present paper attempts to analyse this problem through an in depth study of the origins of Cuba’s reforms and thus, to examine the political style of this famous monarchic period of the Spanish Enlightenment.

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