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La patria y la nación en el discurso de José María Tornel, 1821-1852

María del Carmen Vázquez Mantecón


Each historic time gives meaning to their own idea of nation and patria. From their independence, the criollos that took the power in México developed a speech were this were key concepts, including their derivatives (patriotism, nationalism...) because that is what they tried to legitimate, this is, that they will have a free patria that fight for their recognition as a sovereign nation. In this paper the speech of José María Tornel, key man in the Mexican policy between 1821 and 1853, is reviewed, because he was the oficial speaker many times and he wrote speeches for the leaders that dominated the scene during that period. This ideas of nation and patria were, many times, taken by the government and, in general, by his time, that is why they are interesting for us to approach to the sense they had in his time, and to his heritage in the contemporary political speech.

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