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Nacionalismo y ciudadanía en México, 1808-1825

Jaime E. Rodríguez O.


This essay examines the manner in which New Spaniards formed the Mexican nation and nationalism. At the end of the eighteenth century, some intellectuals developed a sense of identity, a patriotism, which identified with the area, strengthening regionalism, and with the ancient Mexicans. But it was the political revolution of the Spanish world, as a result of the 1808 crisis of the Spanish Monarchy, which led to the politicization of the masses and introduced representative and popular forms of government which in 1821 contributed to the independence of New Spain and the creation of the Mexican nation. Although they maintained their Hispanic political traditions, the elites “invented’ a history of the process of independence which permitted them to incorporate the entire former viceroyalty into the new nation, Mexico, which they had created.

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