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Propiedad inmueble, morfología urbana y precios del suelo en Guadalajara (siglo XIX)

Dolores Brandis García, Rafael Mas Hernández


Most specialists consider that a remarkable disorder exists between the political and urban changes in the XIXth century in Mexico. The structure and morphological characteristics of the colonial city cotinue throughout the XIXth century and are only clearly modified in the last quarter of the century. Thus, an internal organisation of [he Guadalajara city was proposed before the enormous fin-de-siècle changes. The object is to complement a fiscal source such as the urban land registry of 1889 with the notarial information obtained in the Archivo de Instrumentos Públicos of Jalisco. From the land registry it is possible to observe a clear high prices concentration around the commercial centre and a sharp fall in value around the agglomeration. Finally, the notaries’ data also provides a sample of the richness of the urban property.

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