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La actualidad de Michel de Montaigne en el debate contemporáneo sobre la identidad

Raquel Lázaro


The issue of identity, which is connected with self-understanding, is a very important question in
modern thinking, especially in Montaigne’s writings and also in those of Descartes. In this respect, the french
moralist and Descartes can both be tied in with one of the most widely read authors in the 16th and 17th
centuries: St. Augustine. Identity has once again become a subject of increasing relevance. Bodei, Parfit,
Singer, Spaemann and Taylor have debated on the theme, starting out from certain modern philosophical
assumptions. In this paper, we aim to link this contemporary debate on identity with Montaigne, Descartes and
St. Augustine in order to gain a better insight into the concept of «the self» when he put the question about
self-understanding and to see to what extent epistemological and ontological assumptions have changed with
current debate on the subject of identity

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