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2. Acció i política. La vida de la política: Acción y (bio)política en Hannah Arendt

Fernando Bárcena


Hannah Arendt noted that it is much harder to put an end to totalitari an Solutions than totalitarian
regimes.The totalitarian Solutions that modern democratic societies put into practice to solve the problems thev
themselves generate depend upon the prolongation of emergent totalitarian conditions. From this standpoint,
il twentieth-century philosophical reflection - of which Arendt's work is a good example - were asked about
the reasons for the failure of an entire cultural tradition. twenty-first-century philosophy may need lo ask itself
about the footslcps of the dynamics of potenlial totalitarian that have been inaugurated by totalitarian regimes.
Thus, we believe that the issues political philosophy should now consider, through the category of totalitarianism,
can be summarised in three crucial qüestions: the first concerns the type of relationship that has been
established between human life and polítical power; the second involves the type of relationship between reality

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