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Sostenibilidad ambiental y complejidad social: ¿dos caras de la misma moneda?

Josep Antequera


In this article, the author begins by analysing global connectivity as a force that increases global complexity and, consequently, the difficulty of predicting the future of society. He also demonstrates that world hegemony has been a variable factor throughout the history of the human race and analyses the causes of the rise and fall of empires. In a parallel analysis, he compares the dynamics of ecosystems with that of cultures, discusses the effects of society’s activities on ecosystems and planetary regulation, and identifies
humanity’s impact on the planet as a factor that makes predicting society’s future all the more complex. He presents a hypothesis on how to transform the entropy generated
by the current development model into social complexity and describes several future
scenarios proposed by authors such as Robert Costanza. Finally, he concludes by
suggesting that cultural evolution will always be subject to natural selection.

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