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Reciclar ciudad: repensar la transformación hacia una gestión sostenible del territorio

Jordi Morató Farreras, Beatriz Escribano Rodríguez de Robles, Sandra Cinta Bestraten Castells, Emilio Hormias Laperal, Ángel Gallegos, María de los Ángeles Ortiz Balderas, Óscar Flecha, Daniel Viadé, Leonel Torres, Brent Villanueva, Luis Rodríguez, Alex Verdú


This article addresses the social and environmental challenges that cities are
facing today. The need to seek new horizons in the urban metabolism analysis is now certain, as the un-sustainability of cities as system becomes evident in the large amount of degraded land that is found within them. Under this approach, we present education for sustainability experiences Recycle City, a joint effort from the
administration, universities, research groups, NGO’s and the population itself. In
order to make public the actions taken to recover Morro de Moravia, in the city of
Medellin, Colombia, RECYCLE CITY Exposition marked the beginning of an exercise to renew the role of territory and its relationship with people inside the city.

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