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El desarrollo sostenible desde una prespectiva sistémica

Gilberto C. Gallopín


This paper offers a systemic view of the concept of sustainable development, and distinctions are drawn between this and the concept of sustainability, with which it is often confused. The systemic view allows the author to highlight the source of ambiguities to which discussions about
sustainable development are prone. The work begins with an overview of the origin and evolution of the concept and a brief discussion of the relevance of the distinction proposed by some between desarrollo sostenible and desarrollo sustentable in the Spanish-speaking world. It goes on to attempt to shed light on the essence of the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development by adopting a general systemic approach. Various positions on the priorities for the subject of sustainability are identified. Section 5 offers graphic representations of forms of
development and non-development in relation to quality of life and material and non-material economic growth. Finally, a set of conclusions is drawn from the application of a systemic view of sustainable development.

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