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Addenda a lestudi dels Heteròpters (Insecta, Heteroptera) capturats amb trampa Malaise a Santa Coloma (Andorra)

Juli Pujade i Villar, Marta Goula Goula


Addenda to a study of the Heteroptera collected in a Malaise trap at Santa Coloma (Andorra). The present paper is an addenda to a previous one published in 1994. 205 new specimens were studied, belonging to Family Lygaeidae (11), Microphysidae (2), Miridae (59) and Anthocoridae (133). Microphysidae are newly reported in the context of this work,
as are Miridae Isometopinae. 13 new species are recorded: Myrmedobia coleoptrata (Fallén,
1807), Loricula pselaphiformis Curtis 1833, Dicyphus cf. stachydis wagneri (Sahlberg, 1878), Phytocoris tiliae tiliae (Fabricius, 1777), Globiceps sphegiformis (Rossi, 1790), Pilophorus
(Reuter, 1888), Chlamydatus pullus (Reuter, 1888), Psallus dichrous (Kerzhner,
1962), Psallus varians (spp. variants (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1841) and spp. cornutus Wagner,
1962), Psallus mollis (Mulsant et Rey, 1852), Isometopus intrusus (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1842), Tropistethus holosericus (Scholtz, 1846) and Cymus claviculus (Fallén, 1807). Figures
illustrating phenologic distribution of families, and relative proportion of specimens and species per families are included.

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