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Estudi dels heteròpters (Insecta, Heteroptera) capturats amb trampa Malaise a Santa Coloma (Andorra)

Juli Pujade i Villar, Francesc Gessé Solé, Marta Goula Goula


Study of the Heteroptera collected in a Malaise trap al Santa Coloma (Andorra). A Malaise trap was installed between August 1992 and December 1993, in an spot of mediterranean characteristics, at 1050 m high. Samples were taken monthly in 1992 and forenightly in 1993. 870 specimens and 91 species were collected, belonging to the families: Tingidae, Miridae,
Nabidae, Anthocoridae, Reduviidae, Aradidae, Lygaeidae, Coreidae, Alydidae, Rhopalidae, Scutelleridae and Pentatomidae. Miridae were the most frequent, abundant and diverse. The paper includes the list of species collected, and both phenologic and chorologic analyses. Diversity indexes (Shannon-WeaveM were also calculated for each sample. All those results are in good agreement with climatological characteristics of the area of study, and with biology, species
richness, frequency and abundance of the families collected.

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