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Complex parasitari de Myopites Limbardae Schiner, 1864 (Diptera,Tephritidae) detectat al nord-est ibèric (HYM.: Eupelmidae, Pteromalidae, Torymidae, Eurytomidae)

Juli Pujade i Villar


Parasitic complex of Myopites limbardae Schiner, 1864 (Diptera: Tephritidae) in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Eight species associated with galls of Myopites limbardae
(= Musca stylata
Fabricius, 1794) were recovered from 150 samples taken from diferent localities in Catalonia (Spain). Although these galls are very common in floral capitula of Dittrichia viscosa (= Inula viscosa Linnaeus), it is the first time that their parasitism is studied
in the lberian Peninsula. Macroneura muellneri (Eupelmidae) and Pteromalus cardui (Pteromalidae) are recorded for the first time from the Iberian Peninsula, and Dimeromicrus kiessenweteri
and T. Chloromerus (Torymidae) from Catalonia. Morphological data to distinguish some specimens collected of Eurytoma sp., which according to the keys should be identified as Eurytoma robusta (Eurytomidae), are given. Morphological criteria are also stablished to separate the males of Pteromalus cardui from those of P. myopitae. Biological data for all studied species are included.

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