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Cites noves o interessants d'histèrids de la península ibèrica (coleoptera, histeridae)

Tomàs Yélamos


New or interesting records of Histeridae (Coleoptera) from the lberian Peninsula. The records of nine interesting species from the Iberian fauna are now commented. Myrmetes paykulli Kanaar, 1979 and Hypocaccus specularis (Marseul, 1855) are now recorded for the first time in the Iberian Peninsula. The occurrence of several species and new data on their Distribution are also provided: Aeletes atomarius (Aubé, 1842), Gnathoncus communis (Marseul, 1862),
Dendrophilus punctatus (Herbst, 1792), D. Pygmaeus (Linnaeus, 1758), Kissister fuentei (Reitter, 1896), Merohister ariasi (Marseul, 1864) and Atholus paganettii (Bickhardt, 1911).

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