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Aspectes ecoetològics de les vespes del gènere polistes de Catalunya (II): Estudi d'una població de polistes omissus Weyrauch, 1939 (Hymenoptera: vespidae) en una plantació de Strelitzia Reginae

Jordi Casamitjana i Costa


Ecoethological aspects of Polistes (Hymenoptera:Vespidae) in Catalonia (II).
Study of a population of Polistes omissus Weyrauch 1939, in a Strelitzia reginae plantation.

Aspects related with a natural population of the paper wasps Polistes omissus, located in a plantation of «paradise bird» (a plant of southafrican origin), are comented.

A tendency to choose the obverse of leaves oriented to south or east for nesting is also mentioned.

Some ecoethological strategies of the wasps against the high level of predatori pressing by ants deteeted, are reasoned: firstly the keepping of the foundation behaviour motivation after spring, and secondly the pronunced selection of the nesting sites, selection based on the high temperature of the site, and on the free space available for the growth of the nest.

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