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El género Campylomma Reuter, 1879 (Heteroptera: Miridae) en la península ibérica; anotaciones complementarias

Marta Goula Goula


The genus Campylomma Reuter, 1879 (Heteroptera: Miridae) in the lberian Peninsula:
complementary notes.
This paper contains additions and corrections to a previous one (GOULA, 1986). In the Iberian
Peninsula, there are five species belonging to Campylomma Reuter, 1879. The main features by which to distinguish them are general colour of dorsal and ventral regions, appearence of antennae (sexually
dimorphic in C. Annulicornis), tylus with a black spot, and size of basal black spots on hind tibiae. All these characters are summarised in a table. Biometrics and genitalia are not strictly necessary for identification. Appropriate dichotomic key and biometrie tables are also provided.

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