Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Mírids interessants de Catalunya i Aragó (Heteroptera Miriade)

Jordi Ribes


Interesting Miridae from Catalonia and Aragon, NE Spain (Het. Miridae). In addition to the previous papers dealing with lberian Heteroptera the author expounds now 25 species of Miridae captured in Catalonia and Aragon (Spain), assembled in the following Ove groups:

1. West-Mediterranian and European new records: 2 species.

2. Iberian new records: 10 species.

3. Catalan new records: 11 species.

4. Both Catalan and Aragonese new records: 1 species.

5. New material of Orthotylus blascoi Rbs.: 1 species.

Complementary data of another Iberian countries, when these are new, are given, too.

Two new synonymies are proposed: Heterocordylus tibialis (Hahn, 1831) = H. Tibialis mediterraneus Wagner, 1962, nov. syn. and Asciodema obsoletum (Fieber, 1864) = A. Adenocarpi
Wagner, 1973, nov. syn.

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