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Estudi preliminar dels ortòpters de Menorca

Josep Maria Olmo Vidal


Preliminary study concerning the Orthoptera species from Minorca, Spain. Weather and topography conditions of Minorca island will be shown standing out the importance of dry up winds and absence of rivers. The list of the 19 Orthoptera species found in the island is
included, showing the biogeographical importance of Uromenus brevicollis insularis, now just found in Corsica and Sardinia. Importance of the vegetation into the orthoptera population composition is also
studied. There are two main vegetable alliances: Quercion ilicis and Oleo-Ceratonion, both with influence on the different kinds of vegetable associations present in the island. Among these agrupations, three
main biotops have been choosen: a, Nitrophile zones of pasture and ruderal associations; b, Herbaceous higrophile communities of the bottom of gullies; and c, Litoral sand dunes, discussing the orthoptera species found in each biotop.

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