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Nueva ordenación de los géneros Phylan Stephens, 1832, y Micrositus Mulsant & Rey, 1854, de la tribu Dendarini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Amador Viñolas Saborit


New systematic arrangement of the genera Phylan Stephens, 1832 and Micrositus Mulsant & Rey, 1854 of ¡he tribe Dendarini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae).

The description of new species and the revision of ESPAÑOL (1945, 1947),
ANTOINE (1941, 1942), and ESPAÑOL & VIÑOLAS (1981), have necessitated a new revision of the subgeneric status of the genera Phylan Stephens, 1832, and Micrositus
Mulsant & Rey, 1854. The subgenera Eumicrositus Español, Platyolus and Litororus Mulsant & Rey, described as Micrositus, must be placed within the Phylan.

They form two generic groups, distinguishable by the extemal appearance and by
the lacinias of the aedeagus, the genus Micrositus being exclusive to the eastem Mediterranean and the genus Phylan to the western and central Mediterranean.

Generic and subgeneric keys, specific check list and geographical distribution are included.

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