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Miscel·lània Hemipterològica Ibèrica (Heteroptera)

Jordi Ribes


Iberian hemipterologica rniscellany (Heteroptera).
The author comments 58 species of Iberian land bugs, which are grouped in the
following six categories:

1.- Sex descriptions: 2 species

2.- Europeran new records: 1 species.

3.- Iberian new records: 13 species.

4.- Catalan or North-Iberian new records: 26 species.

5.- Accidental records: 1 species.

6.- New data: 15 species.

The first continental Europe record für Eurystylus bellevoyei (Reuter) is emphasized, and also that für Stictopleurus ribauti Vidal for whole Europe.

Unpublished information to separate Pinalitus rufinervis (Reuter) and P. Rubricatus (Fallón) is recorded.

Concemig Orthotylus junipericola castellanus Ribes, the female is briefly described, and additional drawings of the male are presented. Comments on two population groups from Castille (Calatanazor) and Aragón (Albarracín) are exposed too. Both populations could because they live on different host plants.

Probable synonymy between Phylus melanocephalus (Linné) and Ph. Palliceps Fieber is duly argued but, as Ehanno says, it is not possible to solve this question unless
abundant material from diverse geographical areas is studied.

For each species the informative sequence is as follows: autonomous country,
locality, natural region (= comarca) and/or province in parentheses, biological data and chorology. Finally, if the collector is the author himsclf, he is always omitted.

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