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Els Ortòpters del Delta del Llobregat (Orthoptera)

Josep Maria Olmo Vidal


The ortopterans of ¡he Llobregat delta (Orthoptera).
In this work a study of the orthopterans from the Delta of the LLobregat river is
carried out from either a sistematic or an ecological point of view.

First of all, as introduction, threc main sorts of habitats are defined. A first area of beach and dunes with psamophila plants; a second onc of reedbed arid bulrush surrounding lagoons and water pools, the third, an inner arca, slighthy permeable,with halophil plants, partially occupied by crops.

Then, the species in the systematic order are commcnted on. Finally, the conclusion reports the relationship between the species and these three habitats previously explained.

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