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Noves dades sobre heteròpters ibèrics

Jordi Ribes


NEW DATA ON IBERIAN HETEROPTERA. In the present article the author comments 42 species of
Iberian Heteroptera on these seven chorological levels:

1.- Palaearctic new records: 1 species

2.- European new records: 3 species

3.- Mediterranean new records: 1 species

4.- :berian new records: 10 species

5.- Spanish new records: 3 species

6.- Regional new records: 12 species

7.- New data: 12 species

Besides the nymphs of the fifth instar of the Anthocoridae Lyctocoris dimidiatus (Sp) and Xylocoridea brevipennis Rt are
described and drawn for the first time. Likewise additional information on the surprising finding of the Aethiopian element Tropidothorax sternalis (Dl) fron meridional Valencian Country is emphasized. Usual references concerning localities, dates, collectors and host plants are given too, but the writer must sa y that, after the name of the species, the geographical order
is as follows: autonomous country, locaiity and province or natural region (=comarca) in parentheses, in the last case only when the locality belongs to the Catalan Countries. Finally, the collector is always omited if this is the same author.

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