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Mapoteca Digital Humboldt

Pedro Costa Guedes Vianna, Arinaldo Inácio das Neves


The idea of the construction of the Humboldt Digital Map Library arose from the difficulty of the free access to the digital cartographic databases, characterized as little democratized information . The reasons are the high financial costs, the high technological rank of sophistication and the time required to perform those works. In a country of continental dimensions, as Brazil, these costs are increased by the territorial stretch. The main purpose of the Digital Map Library is to make available the digital cartographic database for use in many fields of Geography and related sciences. Those files are created in many programs, and they possess peculiar internal architectures, in diverse sizes. Therefore it becomes necessary the creation of forms and procedures of access to the files in the quickest way to locate the files because of the great amount and diversity of files. In the present version the Database of the Humboldt Digital Map Library , has more than 1.000 files, covering mainly, the State of Paraíba and Northeast Brazil.

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