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Propuesta de una guía local para la mitigación ante el cambio climático: inventario de GEI y acciones mínimas

Carlos Welsh, Tania García, Carolina Ochoa


In Mexico, the climate change is a frequently addressed topic both in general society and, in a more specific way, within academic forums. The approach is usually based on the observed impacts, but both the change on the chemical composition of the atmosphere, due to the increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, and what this involves are not usually discussed. Some inconsistencies on this matter are due the confused use of terms such as weather, climate and climate change.On the other hand, there is a lack of concretion on whether the active responsibility for this subject should be tackled at local, regional or national scale. Taking this into account, the present paper aims to broadly propose a guide to mitigate greenhouse gases emissions at local level in Mexico through some minimum
actions to be applied.

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