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Autorreferencialidad, tecnología y desarrollo sostenible: hacia la autopoiesis reflexiva

Josep Pont Vidal


The relationship between technology, society and sustainable development has been carried out based on usually informed variations from the general systems theory, itslef based on the systemic understanding of recursive causality for social processes. However, the knowledge of theoretical issues such as the nature, structure, dynamics, operational closure and systems communication is superficial. The self-referential systems theory of Niklas Luhmann attemps to answer this questions using self-referentiality or self-poiesis as the keystone. However, it also presents some limitations when it comes to the observation of subjective actions as decision drivers. Based on a new interpretation of the concept, the notion of “reflexive self-poiesis” is proposed here to overcome both the limitations of the Luhmannian epistemological theory and its original sociobiology and behavioral biases.

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