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Ingenieros sin fronteras: un espacio académico para proyectos auto-sustenibles en torno a comunidades marginales

María Catalina Ramírez, Juan Pablo Sanabria Céspedes, Diana María Duarte Gómez


Engineers without borders Colombia - ISF-COL, is a group that seeks to link lnvestigacion
students, teachers and professionals from different fields, who seek to work engineering projects with social impact, always under the conception of design proposals that are
sustainable, economically and culturally viable to meet unmet needs or potentiate the capabilities of marginalized communities in Colombia. This paper presents the desanollo, structure and evolution of group work and how it is designed for participants to devise innovative proposals and self-sustainable areas such as water, environment, natural resources and entrepreneurship. At the end of an analysis is made of the impact of
this type of project and the importance in this type of academic training spaces.

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