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La clasificación de la ciudad histórico-turística: una herramienta para la evaluación de la sostenibilidad

Alessandra Antonini


This study proposes to analyze the problems of urban sustainability, focusing on the case of tourist-historic cities, with the overall goal of creating a system of indicators of sustainability in tourist-historic cities small or medium sized can be applied at the municipal level to assess and monitor urban sustainability in relation to tourism.
Based on the construction of a synthetic view of the problem in analysis, we propose the creation of reference models tourist-historic cities able to take into account, among other factors, the physical structure of the city and analyzing the variation of impacts on function of the spatial organization. This produces types of city, which can be useful when a first analysis of a real case study.
Once structured categories, identifies important steps in the analysis of tourist-historic city, comparing these to the city categories created above, generates a classification system of cities across different categories, based on the results indicators.
Once all the structured analysis methodology for tourist-historic city, this applies to the case of the Italian city of Alghero, located on the island of Sardinia.

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