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Evaluación de recursos hídricos y tratamiento de aguas residuales en el Campus de la Universidad de A Coruña

Tania Carballeira, Juan Cagiao, Manuel Soto


Water is an essential ecological resource which may be drastically affected by human activities. So, the University of A Coruña (UDC) elaborated the SOSTAUGA project, aiming to reach a higher sustainable level of its water management in the Central Campus of Elviña and A Zapateira. The physicochemical and microbiological
characterization of natural waters and wastewater of this Campus and operation of
a pilot plant that combine anaerobic digesters and constructed wetlands to treat and recovery the wastewater from a university faculty were part of the Sostauga project.
The overall discharge reached 2647 m3/d of very low strength contaminated waters but
only the 11% of this flow was wastewater at origin (about 2100 equivalent inhabitant).
On the other hand, springs and fountains in the campus area reached about 370 m3/d
of clean water, an amount higher than the 140 m3/d of tap water consumption. Obtained
data were useful to analyse the potential of using on site water resources and to design
natural integrated and reuse treatment systems.

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