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Institucionalismo y desarrollo sostenible en la Amazonia. La Central Hidroeléctrica en el Río Xingu

Josep Pont Vidal


Describes the research based on the social conflict caused by the planned construction of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte (UHB) on the Xingu River (eastern Amazon, Brazil) and the diagnosis of the Sustainable Regional Development Plan of the Xingu Region (PDRS). It is part of a broad conceptual analytical framework that tries to combine the tenets of the current
sociological new institutionalism (also called neo-institutionalism) and the theory of strategic action (Jürgen Habermas) of political, social and economic actors in this peipherical region.
Methodologicaly the research is based on the Grounded theory strategy, and as a major
conclusion, a free-rider position is detected among traders

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