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Estratègia per al desenvolupament sostenible de Catalunya: la sostenibilitat com a eix vehicular per a la competitivitat i la qualitat

Ingrid Vives, M. Batllevell, D. Gonzalez, M. Cañellas, F. Ximeno


The Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Catalonia appears in the context of local,
national and international mandates and responds to the real need to face different social and environmental challenges in Catalonia. Some of these challenges are global -already mentioned in several international conventions (e.g. to solve the climate change)- and some other are of
regional specificity - as the water issues in Catalonia-. The methodology to develop the Catalan strategy was based on a matrix, that related the economic activity sectors with the social and environmental issues and offered a trans-sectorial, integrated and trans-disciplinary vision of the challenges. The priority given to the economic sector responds, on one hand, to the actual world
context of economic and financial crisis but also, on the other hand, to internalize the social and environmental externalities of the economic activities, which is one of the main objectives of the Catalan strategy. Governance issues play also an important role in the strategy as being considered essential to achieve more sustainable scenarios. Simultaneously to the elaboration of the written proposal by the government, a participatory process has been carried out with the Strategy expert panel, the local and municipal authorities and with the citizen participation.

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